Scotia Low Carbon Funds

Introducing Scotia Low Carbon Funds, a part of Scotia Global Asset Management’s growing suite of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) of solutions. The funds are intended for environmentally-conscious investors seeking a diversified portfolio of high-quality investments with lower carbon intensity than the broader market.

Types of Low Carbon Funds

Why Invest?

Scotia Low Carbon Funds will appeal to investors who are seeking:

  • Competitive risk-adjusted returns while lowering the carbon intensity of portfolio relative to the benchmark.

  • A fund that minimizes the cyclical highs and lows of dedicated energy exposure by excluding energy sector* and non-energy sector investments that are materially exposed to the fossil fuel supply chain.

  • An actively managed solution that considers ESG factors as part of a disciplined fundamental investment process.

  • To benefit from the transition to a low-carbon economy by focusing on higher-quality businesses that are less dependent on fossil fuels for their long-term success.

  • Managed by

    Scotia Low Carbon Funds are managed by Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited (JFL), a Canadian investment management firm whose history and culture are rooted in investment stewardship. This stewardship is expressed through an adherence to investing in higher-quality businesses, fundamental research, a long-term investment horizon, and the advancement of good governance and sustainable investing. JFL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Bank of Nova Scotia.

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