Canadian equity funds

These mutual funds can provide you with long-term growth potential by investing in a diversified portfolio of Canadian equities.

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Additional information

Canadian equity funds, also known as Canadian stock funds, invest primarily in a mix of Canadian equity securities. The funds are appealing for their long-term growth potential, although this potential comes with additional risk beyond what is customary for income and balanced funds.  Canadian equity funds typically include securities from a variety of sectors and industries to provide investors with added diversification and growth potential.  Depending on the focus of the fund, they may hold large, medium or smaller company stocks or a combination of all three.  Given the higher risk tolerance associated with these funds, they are best suited to long-term investors with at least 5 years to invest.

Did You Know?

Some Canadian equity funds emphasize dividend-paying stocks, which may be appealing to income-seeking investors, while others may focus on the growth opportunities of a specific sector or industry, such as natural resources.  For ScotiaFunds, experienced portfolio managers select, actively manage and monitor the individual securities within each fund to add value and reduce risk.