Everything you need in one portfolio

Scotia Essentials Portfolios™: Active. Complete. Essential.

Scotia Essentials Portfolios™

Think about the goals you want to achieve – your perfect retirement, your dream home, a child’s education. With countless investment options to choose from, trying to figure out the best approach to reach your goals can be challenging. 

Scotia Essentials Portfolios combine a mix of ScotiaFunds® and cost-effective Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) into one convenient solution to help you achieve your most important financial goals. They are thoughtfully designed and diversified to grow your savings over the long term and flexible enough to adjust for changing market conditions.

Why Scotia Essentials Portfolios?

A complete investment solution designed for you and your goals

Invest confidently knowing that your Scotia Essentials Portfolio is strategically built to help you achieve your longer-term goals. 

A thoughtfully designed and diversified portfolio in one convenient solution

You’ll get multiple levels of diversification, including actively managed mutual funds and cost-effective ETFs, spanning different asset classes, geographies, industries and company sizes.

Active portfolio management to keep you on track

Your portfolio is continuously monitored, regularly rebalanced and tactically adjusted to capitalize on a broad range of market conditions and opportunities.

Selecting the right portfolio 

These all-in-one portfolios are available in four asset allocations to suit a range of investor needs and risk appetites. 

Want to know more? View our Scotia Essentials Portfolios brochure.

Graphic illustrating the target asset allocation and the relative growth potential and risk of the four different Scotia Essentials Portfolios. The income portfolio is 25% equities and 75% fixed income, the balanced portfolio is 50/50, the growth portfolio is 75/25 and the maximum growth portfolio is 90/10. The income portfolio has the lowest growth potential and risk and the maximum growth portfolio has the highest growth potential and risk, with the balanced and growth portfolios in between.

Tax-smart cash-flow options

If you are retired or seeking predictable monthly cash flow, Scotia Essentials Portfolios offer tax-smart Series T options to help meet your ongoing income needs. Speak to a Scotiabank advisor to learn more.