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How would you respond to market volatility?

Market volatility is a normal, if uncomfortable, part of investing. See how your reaction to market ups and downs can impact your long-term investment outcome.

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Introducing Scotia Smart Investor via Advice+

Get investment advice tailored to you. Scotia Smart Investor helps you set, track, and manage your financial goals as your life evolves.

Advice Matters

Timely financial articles and advice alongside the latest economic and market updates.

Scotia Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Scotia ETFs provide low-cost investment solutions that closely track the performance of specified market indices*. Scotia Index Tracker ETFs track broad market indices and Scotia Responsible Investing ETFs track responsible investing indices screened by a set of responsible investing criteria. * To the extent possible and before fees and expenses.

Global Asset Allocation Perspectives – October 2023

As markets pulled back in the third quarter, we look back at the key drivers of investment performance and discuss our outlook and portfolio positioning. 

2022 Stewardship and Responsible Investment Report

We place the highest priority on the stewardship of our clients’ assets and we believe Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are a key component in delivering long-term value. Here’s what you need to know about how ESG factors are considered at Scotia Global Asset Management.

The 1s and 0s of the artificial intelligence (AI) trend

With the arrival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we’ve seen a boom in artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-adjacent stocks. Learn what the excitement is all about.

5 timeless tips on managing market volatility

Market volatility can be unsettling, for even the savviest of investors. In this article we provide you with some tips on how to manage – and potentially benefit from – market volatility.

Let’s talk investing: Q3 2023 in review with the Multi-Asset Management Team

After delivering solid performance in the first half of 2023, markets pulled back in the third quarter. On the latest “Let’s talk investing” podcast, Greg Sweet, Scotia Securities Director, chats with Craig Maddock, Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager, and Wesley Blight, Portfolio Manager, both from the Multi-Asset Management team. They discuss the key takeaways of 3Q23, and their thoughts on where things will go from here.

Podcast: Interest rates are on the rise again - what does it mean?

A combination of stubborn inflation and a resilient economy explains why the Bank of Canada decided to hike interest rates again after pausing for several months. Scotiabank’s Chief Economist, Jean-François Perrault walks us through the decision, the rationale, and what it means for you.

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5 timeless tips on managing market ups and downs

Learn how to manage – and potentially benefit from – market volatility with these 5 timeless tips.

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The right asset mix can help you achieve your long-term goals and manage risk.

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