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Navigating the ups and downs of the markets continues to challenge even the most experienced investors. In today’s increasingly complex investment landscape, Scotia INNOVA Portfolios can help. With expanded diversification tools, these one-stop mutual fund portfolios blend traditional and non-traditional asset classes and defensive strategies through a combination of Scotia Wealth Pools, Limited Partnerships and ScotiaFunds. The result is a more cautious approach to achieving long-term growth.  

Why Scotia INNOVA Portfolios?

Diversification  across various traditional and non-traditional asset classes, with exposure to a range of geographies, industries, company sizes and investment approaches.  

Continuously refined with new and innovative investment approaches to increase portfolio resilience, manage risk and unlock return-potential. 

Regularly monitored and rebalanced to  help keep you on track and better position you for long-term success.

Selecting the right portfolio 

These all-in-one portfolios are available in five asset allocations to suit a range of investor needs and risk tolerances.  The minimum initial investment is $500. 

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Chart showing asset allocation of Scotia INNOVA The chart provides an overview of the target asset mix for Scotia INNOVA Portfolios. The Income portfolio has the lowest risk profile and lowest growth potential of the five funds. This is followed by the Balanced Income, Balanced Growth, Growth, and Maximum Growth funds. As you scale up in risk, there is a higher potential for growth.

Tax-smart cash-flow options  

If you are retired or seeking predictable monthly cash flow, Scotia INNOVA Portfolios offer tax-smart Series T options to help meet your ongoing income needs. Speak to a Scotiabank advisor to learn more.

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