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Let’s talk investing: Q3 2023 in review with the Multi-Asset Management Team

After delivering solid performance in the first half of 2023, markets pulled back in the third quarter. On the latest “Let’s talk investing” podcast, Greg Sweet, Scotia Securities Director, chats with Craig Maddock, Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager, and Wesley Blight, Portfolio Manager, both from the Multi-Asset Management team. They discuss the key takeaways of 3Q23, and their thoughts on where things will go from here.

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Bank of Canada: Further rate hikes off the table?


To kick off 2024, the Bank of Canada (BoC) decided to hold its target for the overnight rate at 5% and stops talking about possibly raising rates further.

2023 FundGrade A+® Award winners


Scotia Global Asset Management honoured with 21 awards.

Demystifying distributions 


Understanding mutual fund distributions, their benefits and tax implications, are key to tax-efficient investing when holding mutual funds in a non-registered account.

Invested: The power of dividend growers in your investment portfolio


Dividend payments not only provide income to investors but also reflect a firm’s ability to generate consistent earnings with lower volatility. 

Perspectives podcast: 2024 Market Outlook


A look at the Canadian economic landscape and the investment outlook for the year ahead. The Perspectives podcast is available in English only. 

Bank of Canada: Holds policy interest rate at 5.0%, continues to warn of possible hikes

The Bank of Canada again left interest rates at 5.0% as it believes the economy is no longer in excess demand, but did not drop its warning of further hikes if needed. Learn more.

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Podcast: Interest rates are on the rise again - what does it mean?

A combination of stubborn inflation and a resilient economy explains why the Bank of Canada decided to hike interest rates again after pausing for several months. Scotiabank’s Chief Economist, Jean-François Perrault walks us through the decision, the rationale, and what it means for you.

Bear vs. bull market: the basics

If you're investing in the stock market, it's good to have a general understanding of bear and bull markets. Not only do these two terms describe the overall mood and trend of the stock market, but they also present unique opportunities for long-term investors.