International equity funds

These mutual funds can provide you with long-term growth potential by investing in a diversified portfolio of equities from outside North America.

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Additional information

International equity funds, also known as international stock funds, offer investors additional sources of diversification and return potential beyond the Canadian and U.S. markets.  International equity funds typically invest in Europe, Asia and/or developing or emerging market economies. These funds are appealing for their long-term growth potential, although this return potential comes with additional risk beyond what is customary for income and balanced funds.  Contrasting Canadian equity funds, international equity funds provide a larger universe of investment potential but may also be subject to currency and other risks.  For actively managed ScotiaFunds, experienced portfolio managers select, actively manage and monitor the individual securities, sector and geographic allocations within each international equity fund to add value and reduce risk. Given the higher risk tolerance associated with equity funds, they are best suited to long-term investors with at least 5 years to invest.

Did You Know?

Investing in international equity funds provides investors with exposure to the growth potential of companies outside of North America. Some may focus on a single region, such as Europe, while others can invest more broadly. No single asset class, country or regional stock market is consistently among the top performers, and the best and worst performers can often change from one year to the next.  A diversified portfolio of different asset classes, including international equities, offers the potential to participate in the gains of stronger performing investments while aiming to lessen the impact of losses or underperformance from others.