Balanced funds

These popular mutual funds can provide you with a balance of income and long-term growth potential by investing in a blend of fixed income and equity securities.

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Additional information

Balanced funds invest in a diversified mix of bonds (also known as fixed income) and stocks (also known as equities) in the convenience of a single mutual fund.  Like their name suggests, these funds will maintain a suitable and typically steady balance across both asset classes.  Some balanced funds may have a larger target weight in bonds, while others may have a slightly higher allocation to stocks.  Moreover, some balanced funds may focus on global markets, giving investors an additional source of diversification.  To invest in balance funds, investors should be comfortable with moderate fluctuations in the value of their investments. As a result, balanced funds are best suited to investors who have a longer time to invest, usually at least 3 to 5 years.

Did You Know?

At ScotiaFunds, a team of experienced portfolio managers will select, manage and monitor the investments within each balanced fund to manage risk and return potential.  There are balanced funds to suit a wide variety of investor needs and preferences, including income focused, U.S. dollar dominated and low carbon options to name a few.