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Learn about Scotia Securities Inc. (SSI) Investment Accounts, plan types and services.

Pre-Authorized Contributions

Set up your automatic investment plan. Regular contributions give you the benefits of compounding returns and dollar cost averaging.

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Registered Plans

You can hold ScotiaFunds™ in any of the following registered plans that SSI offers: Scotia RSPs, Scotia RRIFs, Scotia LIRAs, Scotia LRSPs, and Scotia RESPs.

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Automatic Withdrawal Plan

Receive regular payments from your non-registered SSI Investment Account.

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Fees and Expenses

There are several types of fees that may apply to purchases and redemptions of ScotiaFunds within an SSI Investment Account.

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Mutual Fund Functions on Scotia OnLine

Learn how you can monitor your ScotiaFunds holdings, purchase and switch between ScotiaFunds, and much more, all with Scotia OnLine.

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