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Let’s talk investing: volatility in context for long-term investors


Volatility has flared up due to the regional banking issues in the U.S. and the uncertainty unfolding in the European Banking sector. Listen to our latest podcast featuring Greg Sweet (Scotia Securities Director) and Jason Gibbs (1832 Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager) as they discuss the state of the markets and some recent questions from long-term investors.

Let’s talk investing: finding perspective after 2022


After an eventful year, it’s important to look back and reflect on the highs, lows and explore what could lie ahead for markets in the new year. In this episode Greg Sweet, Director of National Sales and Craig Maddock, Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager and Wesley Blight, Portfolio Manager, both from the Multi-Asset Management team discuss:

  • 2022 performance of stocks and bonds
  • The Continued High Inflation Regime
  • Central banks battle with inflation
  • Energy price volatility
  • How the Multi-Asset Management team dealt with these challenges in their portfolios
  • What investors can expect going forward into 2023

Lets talk investing: keeping steady during volatility 


Seeing a portfolio go down in value instead of up can really unnerve investors. It can sometimes cause them to deviate from their plan and make decisions that might not serve their interests over the longer-term. Our latest podcast addresses this issue, as our Multi-Asset Management team’s Portfolio Managers discuss how they view investing in this environment, balancing risk and opportunity by maintaining a disciplined process focused on long-term results.

Lets talk investing: emotional investing 


During periods of volatility, emotions can often rise and fall alongside market ups and downs, tempting investors to deviate from their long-term financial plan. In our latest podcast, we discuss the hazards of letting your emotions influence your thinking when it comes to investing, potential pitfalls to avoid, and how a Scotiabank advisor can help.

Deflating inflation worries 


Help take the worry out of inflation with actionable strategies in this article and position yourself for long-term success. 

Understanding fixed income 

Whether you’re saving for retirement, your dream home or your children’s education, fixed income investments will most likely feature as an integral part of your diversified investment portfolio. Learn how fixed income has the potential to generate income, increase diversification, and enhance total return. 

Rethinking risk 

Many of our decisions are predicated on our comfort with taking risks. It's important to remember that, when it comes to planning for the long term, risk is more than a four-letter word. This article puts different investment risks into perspective and explores the different ways they can be managed.

Federal budget 2023 


A summary of key tax measures from the 2023 federal budget that may impact you and your family. 

View 2023 federal budget fast facts