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Our Portfolio Solutions can take the complexity out of investing so you don't have to make the difficult, time-consuming and often complex decisions required to be a successful do-it-yourself investor. They strategically blend a diversified mix of mutual funds and other investments into powerful portfolio combinations.

Each Portfolio Solution is designed to take advantage of market opportunities and manage risk by diversifying across asset class, geography, economic sector and investment approach.

DynamicEdge Portfolios

Convenient all-in-one portfolios that combine actively managed Dynamic Funds with rigorous risk controls to help manage volatility.

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Scotia Selected® Portfolios

Combining ScotiaFunds® and a selection of Dynamic Funds, these portfolios employ a sophisticated asset allocation model developed by the investment professionals at 1832 Asset Management L.P.

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Scotia Partners Portfolios®

These portfolios provide maximum diversification through a broad range of best-in-class mutual funds from some of the most respected managers in Canada and around the world.

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Scotia INNOVA Portfolios®

These portfolios offer exclusive investment management, enhanced performance potential, comprehensive diversification and premium servicing if you have $50,000 or more to invest.

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Scotia Aria™ Portfolios

Aria is a dedicated retirement solution designed exclusively for investors like you seeking a more personalized investment journey to and through retirement.

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