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Scotia Corporate Class Funds

Investing outside a registered plan often comes with an unwelcome tax bill. Scotia Corporate Class Funds offer tax-advantaged distributions as well as predictable monthly cash flow to help meet ongoing income needs.

Tax-Advantaged Distributions

Taxes can take a bite out of your savings – especially if distributions are in the form of higher-taxed interest income. Scotia Corporate Class Funds are structured to distribute tax-advantaged capital gains dividends and ordinary Canadian dividends to shareholders when necessary.

Return of capital (ROC) represents the return of a portion of an investor’s original investment (i.e. capital) and is not immediately taxable. For distributions that include ROC, an investor’s adjusted cost base is reduced, which may in turn result in a larger capital gain when the fund is sold.

Corporate Class Income Options

With Series T options, withdrawing an income from corporate class investments is easy. Series T portfolios are designed to provide a regular, tax-efficient cash flow.


Receive regular cash flow while maintaining a professionally managed and diversified portfolio that’s suited to your individual needs.

Greater tax efficiency by combining a variety of income sources, including return of capital.

Stop, start or adjust your cash flow at your convenience by selecting the Series T portfolio that best suits your income needs.

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