1832 Asset Management announces proposed fund mergers for Scotia Aria Portfolios

June 28, 2023

1832 Asset Management L.P. (the “Manager”) announced a proposal to merge the following mutual funds (each, a “Terminating Fund”) into the corresponding mutual funds (each, a “Continuing Fund”):

Terminating Funds Continuing Funds
Scotia Aria Conservative Defend Portfolioto merge intoScotia Aria Conservative Build Portfolio
Scotia Aria Conservative Pay Portfolio
Scotia Aria Moderate Defend Portfolioto merge intoScotia Aria Moderate Build Portfolio
Scotia Aria Moderate Pay Portfolio
Scotia Aria Progressive Defend Portfolioto merge intoScotia Aria Progressive Build Portfolio
Scotia Aria Progressive Pay Portfolio
Scotia Aria Equity Defend Portfolioto merge intoScotia Aria Equity Build Portfolio
Scotia Aria Equity Pay Portfolio

Approval from unitholders of the Terminating Funds will be voted on at special meetings to be held virtually on or about September 15, 2023. Subject to securityholder approval, it is currently anticipated that the proposed mergers will be implemented on or about October 13, 2023.

More details regarding the proposed mergers can be found in the Management Information Circular and other documents shown below.

Management Information Circular
Notice and Access Document